Who We Are

Arx Studio is one of Ghana’s leading agencies for world class photography and videography services. In an industry which is saturated with many competitive agencies, ARX Studios maintains its position as an industry leader with its consistent delivery of high-quality imagery. Our photos and videos are not only visually appealing but also perfectly captures moments in all their rawness, beauty and authenticity. Our focus is not to give you a nice picture but a perfect image that immediately immerses you in the moment we captured, to give you a memory you can always travel back to by simply looking at our photos. We do this because we understand the purpose of a photograph is not necessarily to make you look nice but to freeze a precious moment in your life for you to visit anytime you want. With over ten years’ worth of experience in working for both individual and corporate clients, we have come to deeply understand the needs of our clients and have learned to incorporate them into our services perfectly. Our crew are decent professionals with bags of creative energies waiting to serve you. We are highly customer-centric, and we are committed to serving you till you are absolutely satisfied!

What We Do

We offer the full range of all photography and videography services including:

  • Portraits: Whether you need a timeless photo of yourself to hang in your home or a corporate portrait for your office, we are a leader in developing amazing concepts and executing them to perfection. Whether you wish for us to come to your home/office or to visit our studio, we are flexible in serving you and giving you the best portrait.
  • Bridal shoots: Announcing your marriage should be remarkably done. It should not necessarily be expensive and overly glamorous. But it should be beautiful. At ARX Studios, we combine our creativity and your ideas to give you unique imagery that speaks directly to your own beautiful love story.
  • Wedding coverage: Your wedding is special. It’s a memory you’ll back on for the rest of your lifetime. It’s a story you’ll tell your kids and grand kids over and over again. So you need to preserve it perfectly by working with the best professionals to capture those important memories.
  • Funeral coverage: Laying a loved one to rest is not a good feeling. But the final moments of a loved one on earth is a memory that must be preserved nonetheless. We provide you with solemn imagery that captures the mood and atmosphere of the event that you can reflect on forever. We are utterly respectful to mourners and work with you closely to capture only the moments you need.
  • Event coverage: Covering an event is more than shoving a few cameras around. Just like the planning that goes into your event, covering it is an important task that must be properly planned and executed. With years of experience in providing this service, we know how to work closely with our clients to deliver exciting photos and videos that will dazzle your guests and make them attend the next edition!
  • Documentary production: Storytelling is the lifeblood of history. Do you have a story to tell? Are you an individual or corporate body making great impact you want to share? Or you’ve achieved a milestone and want to look back and share your success with the world? Get in touch with us to research, plot and produce your story in a high quality format that would impress and inspire even you.